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Dear Campers,

The following news will come as no suprise but we are cancelling the Spring 2020 Astrocamp.

Like most of you, we have been busy ensuring our families are as safe as possible and dealing with our separate work commitments. We have been keeping in touch with Cwmdu campsite over the last couple of weeks as it was their intention to stay open until the UK government provide advice to the contrary. They have, this weekend, announced that they will be deferring bookings and deposits until later in the year, when the current situation has hopefully abated.

We all know that Astrocamp is a major event for business in Cwmdu, with our bi-annual event bringing a substantial deal of money for the local residents. This will be greatly missed this spring, and we hope that the campsite, cafe and pub will survive what will be a hard time for them.

On this basis we would like to offer everyone who has booked for the Spring event the follow options regarding their booking:

1. A full refund, or
2. A partial refund with the difference donated to Cwmdu.

An email has been sent to everyone who has booked a pitch at the event, please respond to this email to let us know your preference.

Our thoughts are with you all and we do hope to see you all in the Autumn.

Damien, John, Paul and Ralph.