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Campsite Plan

Following discussions with the campsite, we have moved our pitch plan to be closer to the standard pitch plan used by them. This should allow smoother bookings for extra nights before or after camp as well as reducing confusion over the different numbering systems.

  • The log pods (pitches 8 and 9) cost £205 for three nights for up to 2 adults.
  • If you are planning on observing from the common, please consider booking pitches with restricted views of the sky.

Campsite changes since September 2019 event:

  • The existing log pod has been moved from pitch 1 to pitch 8.
  • A second log pod has been installed on pitch 9.
  • Pitches 48-50 are now only suitable for campervans/motorhomes.
  • Pitches 48 and 54 now have electrical hookups.

pitch plan