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October '21 Schedule


All workshops, talks & quizzes are included in your admission, but please note that this programme is provisional so events and times may change. Please check back before attending

En route to Cwmdu, you can listen to the Awesome Astronomy special podcast extra just for AstroCampers! Just look for ‘Awesome Astronomy’ on iTunes or go to awesomeastronomy.com

Saturday 2nd October

13:00 Arrive at campsite, pitch up & set up

15:00 Meet & Greet. Come to the gazebo on The Common to meet new friends, share stories & a drink or two

16:00 John's collimation tutorial on The Common. Learn how to keep those mirrors on your scope perfectly aligned for the best observing experience

Sunday 3rd October

10:00 Solar SUN-day - solar observing in white light and hydrogen alpha on The Common

There will be no Spiral Arms event for this camp.

Monday 4th October

14:00 High Tea on 'The Common'. Bring food, drinks, chairs & tables if you have them, for this social gathering that proves so popular each year 

Tuesday 5th OCtober

12:00 Leave campsite & book for 2022!

The Common (in the middle of the campsite) is the area we’ve created for socialising and observing together.
There’s always lots gathered here to share eyepiece views and learn new astronomy tricks from others.
Join us in the AstroCamp family at the Common!