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Welcome Pack for the 2024 Autumn Astrocamp



AstroCamp Landscape for Stellarium

If you want to plan your observing for the next AstroCamp, here's the Cwmdu Campsite landscape for Stellarium that we created for you to see what will be rising over the rolling hills and when. Just follow the simple instructions:

  1. Download the two files from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tgwdv6vjh94fvvn/KcW7UIX1Iq - (click on the image AND the .ini file)

  2. Open up

    Computer > Local Disk (C:)> Program Files > Stellarium > landscapes


    Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Stellarium > landscapes

  3. Create a new folder in landscapes and call it AstroCamp.

  4. Drop the attached files into the new AstroCamp folder.

  5. Start up Stellarium and go to the 'Sky and Viewing Options' window on the left hand side. Click the 'Landscape' tab and choose your new landscape.

  6. If you want to set this as the default landscape, open up the 'Configuration Window' in Stellarium and click 'Save settings' so that it will open with this landscape each time you open up Stellarium (probably best to only do this immediately before camp!)